F01 Chilli Fish (Dry or Gravy)10.50
F02 Manchurian Fish 10.50
F03 Hunan Fish (Sweet & Spicy) 11.50
F04 Tandoori Fish (Dry) 11.50
F05 Spices and Pepper Fish (Dry) 10.50
F06 Calcutta Fish (Dry) 11.50
F07 Fish with Mixed Vegetables 10.50
F08 Sweet and Sour Fish 10.50
F09 Ginger Fish 10.50
F10 Curry Fish 10.50
F11 Fish with Black Bean Sauce 10.50
F12 Fish with Ginger & Green Onions 10.50
F13 Masala Fish 11.50
F14 Kimkim Hakka Fish 11.75

All prices are subject to change without notice.
F02 Manchurian Fish
F04 Tandoori Fish (Dry)
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